The new coronavirus pandemic has brought countries around the world to a standstill. With the growing number of positive cases every day, it has posed enormous health, economic, educational, and social challenges to the entire human population. To help combat the outbreak, our group established PPE Supply ( to provide
top-grade and fairly-priced personal protective equipment and other medical necessities to those in need.

PPE Supply is a nonprofit initiative sponsored by The Miles Foundation, an Illinois 501(c)(3) charitable social enterprise established in 2004, in support of COVID-19 initiatives and other charities. All of our proceeds support charities and charitable initiatives all over the globe.

We offer FDA-registered and CE-certified protective gear to our health workers, first responders, hospitals, governments, senior centers, elderly, charitable institutions, and all those who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus. We manufacture the products ourselves or have direct-factory relations with international manufacturers.

TMF has decided to aid those in the front lines, by providing them with the necessary tools to weather the COVID-19 crisis. As the shortage of PPE supplies looms on the horizon the increase in price for these items is all but inevitable. We want to enable the hospital suppliers to get high quality items at below market rates, and to also ensure the same tools are available for individuals and households.

Crisis Borne. The initiative known as came to life when we observed the U.S. supply chain breakdown due to the surge in demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) with dependence on factories beyond the reach of our quality control, especially amid a global crisis. 

We decided to tackle the problem by establishing relationships directly with factories that can produce the essential products to help people and creating a marketplace for hospitals, governments, first responders, crisis workers, 

and at-risk families and individuals to purchase products from a nonprofit driven by social impact, not personal financial gain, with the commitment to sourcing and shipping products factory direct.

The dire circumstances of today heighten anxieties and concerns for the future, but we can choose inspiration to act over fear-induced stagnation. Our charity decided to act by pivoting from charitable technology ventures to building capabilities that empower us to help one another. Our pandemic response mantra continues to be “caution without fear” and “creativity coupled with compassion is the cure”.

While the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak have been truly devastating on our societies, economies and families and hospitals are overburdened while the virus continues to claim lives of countless victims, we must choose to act, albeit from afar. Please join us in volunteering your time, talent, treasury or testimony while being responsible to at-risk individuals by social distancing.

If any of the above resonates and you want to jump in with both feet, you can build your career with The Miles Foundation, the lead sponsor of the We have plenty of initiatives to keep you busy for the rest of your career!

Factory Direct Commitment.  PPESupply streamlines the supply chain so you typically receive cost-efficient, high-quality product directly from our manufacturing partners.  Ordering a product directly from a factory eliminates the middle man.

Our Team

Audra Jentel

Executive Director

Charlie Miles

Chief Executive Officer

Cash Unruh

VP, Client Relations

George Todorovic

Business Development

Suyash Kumar

Chief Procurement Officer